Haven't Been The Same

I recently gave my musical project a name, standing atop a mound of eviscerated ideas at the hands of Google search: "Behold, I am become Google search, the destroyer of first drafts of band names." Nevertheless, Maggie Dave is here, and in the meantime - while I desperately try to banish the creeping suspicion that there's somebody out there waiting to pounce on that unreserved domain name...I'll choose to breathe instead. 

I'll be performing new songs during the holiday months ahead, so check back here during Decembertime for concert dates, live performances & more. Until then, enjoy this kitchen-recorded demo of "Haven't Been The Same," a cover of one of my favorite songs by the magnetically gifted singer/songwriter Uni and her Ukelele, aka Heather Marie-Ellison.

"Living here used to make sense when I was 25."

I recently got back into composing music and writing songs, several of which I made demos of in the winter of 2015 and the following spring. One of these, "Family Tree," is now available to download online through SoundCloud if you are so inclined. It's good company, and plays well with others on your music device or phone. 

It's a rough draft though, unmastered & recorded in my mom's kitchen. Maybe a bit soft. Normally I'm leery of sharing works-in-progress, but I've always been intrigued by the organic quality of a demo that's still finding itself - stretching its connective tissue to other instruments yet to be added. To that end, I feel comfortable sharing it this way, because my main goal with my music hasn't always been sonic perfection, but rather, evocation of emotion & memory.

I hope, if anything, it's a pleasant aural diversion that isn't too much of a drag to listen to. Lord knows I love the darker shades.